day 15: raspberry jam

after much delay, I am finally halfway through this… there’s not much to say about this one either, since it’s exactly what it sounds like… not many pictures either. I’m not sure if this a characteristic of the yogurt I’m eating now (ZOI), but this yogurt is substantially more bumpy-lumpy than the Trader Joe’s kind, […]

day 14: blackberry coffee cake

I think 500×500 feels a little too big for pictures. Let’s try 400×400 today.   This was also something I’d made a loooong time ago. Under the influence of Costco blackberries. Same recipe as before. I love that recipe, it’s easy and everything turns out really well. I did two layers of streusel, but again there […]

day 13: boba yogurt

Experimenting with picture size today.   So I’d actually made this one on time, but I never wrote up the post about it so it was just languishing in my phone images until now. Boba yogurt! In keeping with the original spirit of boba, here is a picture where it looks like a monochrome boob. Also, the […]


Soooo I was absent for a ridiculously long time. Sorry about that! There were two main reasons for that: I was really busy and procrastination begets procrastination I’m allergic to dairy. Generally if I only have a little bit it’s fine, and I thought that eating yogurt in small increments wouldn’t irritate me too much, […]

day 12: sunflower seed butter yogurt

No pictures today either, teehee. Sorry! Because lazy, and the yogurt today wasn’t particularly pretty anyway. Not much to say about this one either. Sunflower seed butter from Trader Joe’s, honey from Trader Joe’s, Greek yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I think I’m starting to see a pattern here… It tasted like a peanut butter smoothie. […]

day 10: plain yogurt

I am officially 1/3 done with this undertaking! So I decided to see if I’ve changed my mind about Greek yogurt at all. (also because I’m feeling lazy and it’s nice to not have to think about a new yogurt variation.) It was… tangy. Edible by itself, perhaps because my standards have been irrevocably altered […]