day 15: raspberry jam

after much delay, I am finally halfway through this…

there’s not much to say about this one either, since it’s exactly what it sounds like…


not many pictures either. I’m not sure if this a characteristic of the yogurt I’m eating now (ZOI), but this yogurt is substantially more bumpy-lumpy than the Trader Joe’s kind, although it could be just the one I got. Those white pimply lumps on the picture aren’t the jam but the yogurt. It doesn’t like to blend together very well – I tried matcha powder and that was even grosser looking, to be honest.

Sorry if my description made the yogurt look like a pimply adolescent face. With red and white pimples.

I promise it looks more appetizing in real life.


no yogurt tomorrow, though. I will try to put something else that’s vaguely fun instead.




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