day 14: blackberry coffee cake

I think 500×500 feels a little too big for pictures. Let’s try 400×400 today.


This was also something I’d made a loooong time ago. Under the influence of Costco blackberries.

Same recipe as before. I love that recipe, it’s easy and everything turns out really well. I did two layers of streusel, but again there wasn’t a really obvious line. Bummer.

About the aging of the cake – it does have a definite “best by” date. I kept working at it over the course of a week or so, and it tasted best around 2-3 days in. By the end of the week it had started to take on a dairy-cheesey taste. Not necessarily a reason to throw it out, but definitely not as good as it was before.


I love the crumbly little valleys. They’re so pretty and they break up the loaf really well.


And the golden brown! Yum.


The interesting thing about all the excess parchment paper was that it provided a kind of extra wall for the cake to adhere to, which allowed it to rise substantially higher than it did the first time, when I was really fussy about trimming it down.


Here you can see that the dome is very round and bread-like rather than flat. It was really high when it first came out of the oven, but deflated a little by the time I took the picture, which was kind of sad but it’s all the same in my stomach, anyway.


Parchment paper is so glorious when it comes to cleanup. It does make a funny kind of pruney-wrinkly pattern, though.


Although you can’t really tell once you take the paper off.


Isn’t the purple so rich and pretty? And the crumble…

I’m starting to want to make another one… >.>


❤ Emily


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