day 13: boba yogurt

Experimenting with picture size today.


So I’d actually made this one on time, but I never wrote up the post about it so it was just languishing in my phone images until now.

Boba yogurt!


In keeping with the original spirit of boba, here is a picture where it looks like a monochrome boob.

Also, the yogurt was kind of lumpy. Sad.

So. Boba! It’s super easy and surprisingly also super cheap to make – you can get packages of instant boba at Asian supermarkets, and then you just boil water and dump them in. Then you cover the pot until they float, wait a bit, and then take them out and let sit in thick syrup to absorb some sweetness. Packages always have instructions and I’m sure they will explain a lot better than I do. But that’s the gist of it.


This actually looks a lot prettier than it tastes. Because boba is always a little watery, it diluted the yogurt and instead of thick Greek yogurt it ended up more like the thin drinky ones you get in plastic bottles from the supermarket. And since bubble tea is called tea for a reason, having boba with yogurt was weiiiiiird.


Plus, I was hasty and I didn’t wait for the bubbles to cool very much, which resulted in a warm yogurt. Not just lukewarm but actually warm. There’s something so wrong about warm yogurt, the way the sourness is amplified. And the heat and not thin, not thick texture, too… ugh. The yogurt was straight out of the fridge, so I knew it hadn’t gone bad, but my mouth kept telling me that something was really off.

At least it wasn’t like that one time with the hot chocolate…


After mixing it looked incredibly unappetizing. Even though this is a closeup it accurately captures the essence of grossness embodied by this concoction. Definitely a “do not try at home” kind of thing. Blech.


Off to erase this from my memory. Bye!

❤ Emily


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