day 8: hot chocolate and banana

Spoiler: this turned out really gross. Not even kidding.

Unrelated note: I declared my English major today yaaaaaaaay!


So the pudding and yogurt turned out really well, and that was kind of encouragement for me. And I’ve had the idea of mixing yogurt and hot chocolate powder for a while, because I’ve had hot chocolate packets on hand for a  while and I was like hey why not? because people have done pudding mix and Greek yogurt before anyway.

If you only take one thing away from this post, make it this: it’s a bad idea.



So I mixed one packet into the yogurt, and it turned pleasantly sweet. But I couldn’t really taste any chocolate, so I thought maybe a second packet will help? So here we have pictures of more chocolate powder on top of hot chocolate yogurt.

See how the yogurt and the powder are already pretty much the same color? Yeah… I should have realized that it wasn’t going to get darker or more chocolatey with an extra packet, but I stupidly forgot that and went ahead and added more anyway.

(also, hot chocolate powder ≠ actual chocolate. I don’t know why I didn’t realize that right away…)


And this is what it looks like mixed. A little darker, but not much darker. Definitely not very chocolatey at all.


And then I had the insane idea to mix it with bananas. (at least I’m getting lots of layering practice. Are you tired of layers yet? me too.)

And the one in the back is my experiment/cheat: that’s tomorrow’s yogurt. I’m going to see if letting it sit for a day will help at all.

(let me have my dreams.)



See the lumps up top? Those are the marshmallows that came in the packet! It was kind of funny actually, I totally forgot that there were marshmallows in the chocolate so when they came out I freaked out for a moment and then I was like ehhhh let’s see how it goes…

It did not go well. I think the really gross mixing was the nth warning, but I soldiered bravely on anyway. Honestly, it looked even grosser when it was all mixed together. I was going to take a picture, but figured nobody really needs to see images that gross…


You know when you’re in high school and you do really innocently stupid stuff with your friends? I went on a school trip once, and we decided to play some game, and the loser would have to drink a weird concoction made up of everything left at the table.

This tastes exactly like that. Mildly acidic like tea and sprite mixed together, plus a weird smooth consistency with occasional mysterious lumps. And then little nuggets of sharply sweet marshmallow that throw you off because WHAT THE HECK IS THAT my mouth can’t differentiate tastes right now

Sorry if that totally grosses you out. But it was just that gross. My entire digestive tract is still a little unhappy with me, and it’s been 30 minutes.


… Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s will be bearable.




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