day 7: pomegranate Greek yogurt pancakes

Ooops, I had yesterday’s post all written up, and then I was busy and totally forgot to publish it. >.>


Anyways. I was all PANCAKES and Google turns up this recipe. So I get Qiao to wake up early with me and trudge over to Trader Joe’s to restock on yogurt. Not even kidding. All I got there was three tubs of yogurt, pizza dough, and pasta sauce.

And so I was really excited to try out different kinds of yogurt and I got a pomegranate Greek yogurt thing. Only thing is, it was 5.3 oz instead of 6oz, and that probably affected the way these cooked up. They were super thick, so I added milk, and then they were weirdly gooey and didn’t rise. They browned really nicely though. They made for pretty pancakes.


I think it’s the weird milk-yogurt consistency that made it so weirdly goopy in places. Sorry for ugly picture. That thing doesn’t even look like a pancake, it looks like some kind of epic organic abomination. I should give it a name.

(don’t the bubbles near the bottom kind of look like eyes?)


These also tasted like Greek yogurt, which felt really weird to me. But I’ll try again in a few days? a week? We’ll see if this yogurt indoctrination will change my mind. Also, I want to get this recipe right.




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