day 6: Greek yogurt and pudding

… because I have pudding and I have yogurt, and I like layers, no matter how gross they end up being. The internet is full of pudding-mix-and-yogurt-healthy-snack-options anyway. I’m just… combining actual pudding and yogurt…

Also because I honestly don’t mind weird combinations most of the time, so I was kind of curious to see what would happen.


It’s actually kind of pretty, don’t you think? kind of a gentle summer stripe feeling.

Also, I’m getting better at layers! Maybe because it’s all liquids rather than liquid and pokey solids.


It looks kind of gross and lumpy when it’s half-mixed, though.

Verdict: It was actually really good. Can’t decide if it tasted more like yogurt or pudding. Actually, it tasted pretty much like normal non-Greek sweet yogurt. A surprising success!


See you tomorrow.






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