day 5: pseudo-tart

So because I still have strawberries (and I feel like I should eat them up quick now), I was all uh oh they’re gonna go bad soon quick what desert do you normally find strawberries in?

None. Strawberries don’t grow in deserts.

Okay sorry. I’m not this awkwardly punny in real life.


Fruit tarts, though. Fruit tarts are wonderful. I used to be really excited when catering for school events involved tarts. Especially when they were strawberry/kiwi/cream tarts.

And then I thought well I don’t have kiwis but I have strawberries? and Greek yogurt is kind of like cream? vaguely? maybe if you were drunk enough?





So I made the shells (with this recipe) and then like a true lazy girl, just dumped a spoonful of greek yogurt on top. But I’m not yet insane enough to eat it without drowning it in honey first. Then a strawberry on top to look pretty, and done!

Although I guess if I went to all that trouble to make the tart shells, I’m not really lazy…



I think the zigzags look better than the spirals. But in the end honestly you can’t really tell once you squish a huge strawberry on top anyway.

Anyway, yesterday I was talking about angel food cake. I messed up twice – they didn’t end up rising. The first time I thought it was maybe because I used a nonstick pan (and even with nonstick the cake created this layer of crust-cake that was really hard to clean), so I tried with parchment paper. Because I had such good results with the coffee cake. And the unfortunate results…


But on the bright side, I got extra egg yolks to make pudding!

Funny story actually. The first time I failed at angel food cake, I failed at the pudding too – instead of using cornstarch, I used baking powder. Because I bought both of them at the same time, and even though this is how different they look my brain was too excited at the thought of pudding to pay attention.


So I was whisking and whisking like the recipe told me to, and all of a sudden I realize the bubbles aren’t stopping. And I keep stirring because I think it’s part of the process, and all of a sudden it overflows and I realize that something’s probably not right…

The second time though, everything turned out right! I cut the sugar down to about 1/2 cup. Still too sweet, but it’s pudding.

And now, pudding in a tart shell. Next to its Greek yogurt buddy. Although it’s actually really hard to tell, they look pretty much the same except for a slight variation in texture. The one with honey in it is the yogurt one. I’m not sure which one I like better actually. At first I was like why would you settle for Greek yogurt if you have pudding? but the tanginess is pretty nice. So I don’t know.



In unrelated news, my dad is doing a 30 days of walking thing! Yay for 30 days of effort!

More pudding tomorrow.



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