52 days of quiches: week 1

because I’m on a roll! And I’d like to stay on this roll for as long as I can. I like to imagine it’s a spider roll. Or a Seattle roll, because CITY PRIDE right? Right? (actually because avocado and cream cheese yum…)


PUNS ASIDE I like quiche, but I’ve never made it and it’s spring break so why not? And I definitely can’t do a quiche a day (putting aside the effort, I’d be rolling down the hill to school by next month) but a quiche a week is manageable? I hope. School starts tomorrow so we’ll see…

Honestly I’ve been having so many food-exploration related ideas. When 30days/Greek yogurt ends I have this insane idea to do 30days/olives, because olives are a food I have only ever encountered on pizzas and skewered on the end of sticks. But I don’t know how well that’d end up, and that’s putting the cart before the horse anyway. It’s like day 5 so far? So I still have a long way to go.



Not much to say, actually. Mushroom, onion, cheese mix. Cobbled together from various recipes across the internet, flavored with laziness.

Most recipes call for cream/dairy thicker than milk for the custard to set, and I didn’t have that so I was just like EHH don’t wanna go to Safeway for something I won’t use up, milk should be okay right?

Answer: no.

At least, not the way I did it. It ended up with a texture more like jidangeng/chawanmushi than anything else. I think I didn’t bake it long enough for it to fully set. Google tells me that milk-only quiches generally turn out just fine, so next time I guess I’ll just let it sit in the oven for a while longer.


As you can see it kind of collapsed and started oozing quiche essence after being cut. Or, don’t look too closely and save your sensibilities. Just trust me. It started oozing.

The crust was also nice and crisp on the outside, but kinda soft on the inside. I guess I should bake it once first?

So yeah. We’ll see if there are any improvements next time!




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