day 3: matcha + strawberries (and again.)

I’m getting tired of strawberries…



So I looked up parfait layering yesterday. Apparently you’re supposed to mix honey with the strawberries before putting all the layers together?! Which makes a lot of sense. Because then you’d get the honey with the strawberries, AND you’d get a little bit of buffer between the strawberries and the yogurt.


I’m also getting lazy with my topping ideas… *^*

Since I’m trying not to overdose on sweetness, I cheated a little – instead of tossing the strawberries in honey, I layered them directly on the yogurt and then poured a layer of honey around the very edges of the circle, where the strawberries touch the glass. Since that’s the only visible part, I figured it was the only part that really matters.

I didn’t layer the bottom of the strawberry layers with honey, though, and maybe that’s why I’m still having sinking issues with my strawberries?


There are still bits that aren’t perfect, but I feel like the honey does a really good job of creating a barrier without being too conspicuous. It creates a clearer line between strawberry and yogurt but you don’t really notice it unless you’re looking reaaaaally closely.

And here is an ugly alternate view.


No more strawberries for a few days.



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