day 1: matcha + strawberries

my fingers smell like strawberries! 😀

They’re crazy cheap right now, 2 dollars a box at QFC. I got really excited and texted a bunch of people about it hehe… so expect a lot of strawberry variations in the next few days?



I learned three things today:

  1. I like my yogurt with lots and lots and lots of honey.
  2. I’m better making food look good than actually making good food.
  3. I’m a terrible photographer.


I tried layering the strawberries and yogurt, but it wasn’t as pretty as I would have liked… (translation: it looks really bad.)

I fed this one to Qiao. She says it was tart, but not in a bad way.

And this is the failed side view (it’ll probably ruin your image of things):



I’ll try again tomorrow 😦

(anyway I’ve got so many strawberries I could probably make these for the next week if I were interested in cultivating a deep aversion to strawberry and matcha…)




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