adventures in greek yogurt, because a girl needs something to do halfway through spring break.

In the spirit of procrastination, I’ve decided to neglect the things I should be doing – applying for jobs, editing my resume, absorbing sun, pumping iron etc etc – in favor of feeding my tummy.

Kidding. I can’t lift weights to save my life. And I don’t really like Greek yogurt.


At this point you’re probably like whaaaaaaat is this cray girl doing then


That’s why I’m trying it out. Gotta give things a chance, right? And thirty days is probably enough to either make me love it or really, really hate it. Either way I’ll be getting something out of the whole thing, even if it’s just a deep aversion to fermented lactose.

At this point, my knowledge of Greek yogurt can be summed up in three points:

  • It’s strained more than regular yogurt? Which means that it’s thicker with more protein, less calories and carbohydrates.
  • It’s got lots of probiotics/enzymes/something = promotes digestion (trying to come up with a pleasant way to say it helps you poop here…)
  • It’s really tart.


So. My goals for the month are:

  • find ways to enjoy Greek yogurt
  • learn more about it
  • try not to overdose and end up hating it forever.

This pretty much means I’ll be posting something Greek-yogurt-related every day, mostly what I’ll be doing with it. Expect a lot of minor parfait variations and lots of failed recipes.

If you have comments, corrections, criticisms, suggestions, professions of adoration etc please don’t be shy. I’d love to hear them!


Let’s have fun this month!



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