day 15: raspberry jam

after much delay, I am finally halfway through this…

there’s not much to say about this one either, since it’s exactly what it sounds like…


not many pictures either. I’m not sure if this a characteristic of the yogurt I’m eating now (ZOI), but this yogurt is substantially more bumpy-lumpy than the Trader Joe’s kind, although it could be just the one I got. Those white pimply lumps on the picture aren’t the jam but the yogurt. It doesn’t like to blend together very well – I tried matcha powder and that was even grosser looking, to be honest.

Sorry if my description made the yogurt look like a pimply adolescent face. With red and white pimples.

I promise it looks more appetizing in real life.


no yogurt tomorrow, though. I will try to put something else that’s vaguely fun instead.




day 14: blackberry coffee cake

I think 500×500 feels a little too big for pictures. Let’s try 400×400 today.


This was also something I’d made a loooong time ago. Under the influence of Costco blackberries.

Same recipe as before. I love that recipe, it’s easy and everything turns out really well. I did two layers of streusel, but again there wasn’t a really obvious line. Bummer.

About the aging of the cake – it does have a definite “best by” date. I kept working at it over the course of a week or so, and it tasted best around 2-3 days in. By the end of the week it had started to take on a dairy-cheesey taste. Not necessarily a reason to throw it out, but definitely not as good as it was before.


I love the crumbly little valleys. They’re so pretty and they break up the loaf really well.


And the golden brown! Yum.


The interesting thing about all the excess parchment paper was that it provided a kind of extra wall for the cake to adhere to, which allowed it to rise substantially higher than it did the first time, when I was really fussy about trimming it down.


Here you can see that the dome is very round and bread-like rather than flat. It was really high when it first came out of the oven, but deflated a little by the time I took the picture, which was kind of sad but it’s all the same in my stomach, anyway.


Parchment paper is so glorious when it comes to cleanup. It does make a funny kind of pruney-wrinkly pattern, though.


Although you can’t really tell once you take the paper off.


Isn’t the purple so rich and pretty? And the crumble…

I’m starting to want to make another one… >.>


❤ Emily

day 13: boba yogurt

Experimenting with picture size today.


So I’d actually made this one on time, but I never wrote up the post about it so it was just languishing in my phone images until now.

Boba yogurt!


In keeping with the original spirit of boba, here is a picture where it looks like a monochrome boob.

Also, the yogurt was kind of lumpy. Sad.

So. Boba! It’s super easy and surprisingly also super cheap to make – you can get packages of instant boba at Asian supermarkets, and then you just boil water and dump them in. Then you cover the pot until they float, wait a bit, and then take them out and let sit in thick syrup to absorb some sweetness. Packages always have instructions and I’m sure they will explain a lot better than I do. But that’s the gist of it.


This actually looks a lot prettier than it tastes. Because boba is always a little watery, it diluted the yogurt and instead of thick Greek yogurt it ended up more like the thin drinky ones you get in plastic bottles from the supermarket. And since bubble tea is called tea for a reason, having boba with yogurt was weiiiiiird.


Plus, I was hasty and I didn’t wait for the bubbles to cool very much, which resulted in a warm yogurt. Not just lukewarm but actually warm. There’s something so wrong about warm yogurt, the way the sourness is amplified. And the heat and not thin, not thick texture, too… ugh. The yogurt was straight out of the fridge, so I knew it hadn’t gone bad, but my mouth kept telling me that something was really off.

At least it wasn’t like that one time with the hot chocolate…


After mixing it looked incredibly unappetizing. Even though this is a closeup it accurately captures the essence of grossness embodied by this concoction. Definitely a “do not try at home” kind of thing. Blech.


Off to erase this from my memory. Bye!

❤ Emily


Soooo I was absent for a ridiculously long time. Sorry about that! There were two main reasons for that:

  1. I was really busy and procrastination begets procrastination
  2. I’m allergic to dairy. Generally if I only have a little bit it’s fine, and I thought that eating yogurt in small increments wouldn’t irritate me too much, but then the allergies started to become pretty uncomfortable. So. Lesson learned.

That being said, I will eventually complete my goal. I’ll just do it at a slower rate than I had originally planned…

Shoutout to Grace for pushing me to explain myself. You’re awesome 🙂


In apology, this is what I ate for brunch today! Because Costco.


My ingredient list:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 tbsp. butter
  • dash of milk
  • 1 layer of sweet onion
  • 1/2 avocado
  • last night’s leftover bok choy that I forgot to put in the fridge… 14 hours is okay, right? right?
  • 5 strawberries
  • 2 apricots

Whenever I get the chance to go to Costco, I end up buying mostly fruit. And huge bags of spinach. If my freezer were big enough I’d get the huge chicken drumstick pouches, but alas! my dream remains a dream. It’s probably better that way though…

Did I mention how I love that grocery foodstuffs aren’t taxed? LOVE IT. Taxes and tips are a very necessary and (for the most part) uniquely American nightmare. So when things aren’t taxed/tipped I become a happy bug. Can’t wait to go home over the summer.

Last night I had a dream that I went to a really nice sushi place with a couple of friends, spent a very reasonable 55 dollars between us, and when the check came the waiter very pointedly mentioned that the tip rate was 55%. (maybe I dream in 55s?) Not just a nice round 50, but a weird 55. So I was a little annoyed, and tipped 50% instead, doing the math in my head because 50% is a lot easier to calculate than 55%. I mean, normally if you round up or down a bit it’s not a big deal. So I put $27.5 (after waking up I felt the urge to double check my math) as the tip and when the waiter came along, he took it, flipped it open to stare at the tip, and got a pen out and crossed out what I had put down. And then he did the math and wrote out the 55% tip instead!

Uh, dude, that’s something you’re totally not supposed to do.

Funnily enough my dream self was really annoyed at that, but then it fixated on the fact that he was doing all the calculations on the receipt itself. I could see him working the multiplication out and carrying over, like a fifth grader. I think I felt vaguely surprised that he was doing that. Maybe it’s a message from my subconscious to get better at math.

That was an expensive meal after tip though. $82.5. I woke up feeling reminded to be more careful with my spending. Anyway. I digress.


Speaking of math, food, and efficiency, I love charting out all my spending and efficiency. So here is a halfassed nerdy breakdown of costs!

(the prep and cooking time only took 30 minutes! I am proud. My mom’s probably not though, she’d probably get it all done in like ten minutes. Good thing she doesn’t read this!)

Original price Unit price Final price
Eggs 2 for 12 2 / 12 = 0.17 0.33
Butter Tablespoon from roommate Tiny Tiny
Apricots 5.99 for 21 6 / 21 = 0.3 0.60
Strawberries 6.99 for 4 lb 7 / 24 = 0.3 0.30
Avocado 1 for 1 1 0.50
Onion 0.79 per lb Tiny Tiny
Milk Roommate’s Tiny Tiny
Bok Choy 0.69 per lb Tiny Tiny
Time 10 per hour 10 5.00
Total 6.73

I need to get better at tables. This one is both inefficient, inconsistent, and terribly ugly.

Well, everything in the table’s an extreme estimate. Except for the avocado and apricots. And I threw in my time for fun (hourly minimum wage, because unskilled labor) and that’s honestly the bulk of the price. Materials wise, food for less than two dollars! If I ate this for all three meals for a year, I would end up both extremely rich and nutritionally deficient (although it is a pretty balanced meal by itself).

If you’re weird like me and spend inordinate amounts of time pondering useless things like this, you can actually do the same thing with bananas at Trader Joe’s. Assuming you had one banana at every waking hour (about 17), at 20 cents per banana that would be $3.4 per day. Even cheaper than omelets! You’d probably get potassium poisoning, if that’s a thing. Or just implode.


I’m actually really proud of the omelet. It’s so pretty. I took it out before it got too dark (the underside was browner and not as pretty, but photos are so good at lying teehee) so it was still a little runny in the middle… Oops. I ate it anyway though.


Off to wash purple rice off my pants. See you later!

❤ Emily

day 12: sunflower seed butter yogurt

No pictures today either, teehee. Sorry! Because lazy, and the yogurt today wasn’t particularly pretty anyway.

Not much to say about this one either. Sunflower seed butter from Trader Joe’s, honey from Trader Joe’s, Greek yogurt from Trader Joe’s.
I think I’m starting to see a pattern here…

It tasted like a peanut butter smoothie. A really smooth peanut butter smoothie.

Okay I’ll shut up now see you tomorrow.


day 11: blackberries and raspberry jam

so I went to Costco to the other day, with the sole purpose of buying instant ramen. Somehow I also ended up with a box full of blackberries. The wonders of Costco…



Pretty, right?

Not much to say today either. I mixed Greek yogurt with honey, then dropped some raspberry jam on top and swirled it in with a knife. Then blackberries on top. The jam is there pretty much just for aesthetic purposes, though. I was going for swirled hearts like the ones you get on top of coffee but that really did not work out at all.


The jam was pretty sweet though! I used around 1/2 teaspoon and I could definitely taste the individual pockets of jam. It actually overpowered the blackberries, which was a little bit of a bummer. But blackberries have a really light taste to begin with anyway.



Time to think about what to do tomorrow…


day 10: plain yogurt

I am officially 1/3 done with this undertaking!

So I decided to see if I’ve changed my mind about Greek yogurt at all.

(also because I’m feeling lazy and it’s nice to not have to think about a new yogurt variation.)

It was… tangy. Edible by itself, perhaps because my standards have been irrevocably altered by the disastrous results of yesterday, but not absolutely wonderful either. I would eat it if I had it nothing else on hand, but it definitely wouldn’t be my preferred choice of midterm fuel.

See you tomorrow!